10 Sep 2005

Anthony Robbins, Matthew Lesko, and Mike Grehan

I’ll be going to see Anthony Robbins in NYC Sept 16-19. I’m going partly to see "how he does his presentations" as well as maybe I can pick up some knowledge to better myself. Now that I’m speaking at Search Engine Strategies Conferences and Webmasterworld conferences, I’m seeking to better my presentations. I can see myself jumping around and screaming like Matthew Lesko, with the charisma of Anthony/Tony Robbins, with the confidence and entertaining value of Mike Grehan. – Yea right, all that in the 10-15 minutes we get to speak. Speaking of Lesko, I used to be a reseller for him, even had a quote from him on We Build Pages, allow me to share it with you: Matthew Lesko"Once you start doing something you love, you want to do it no matter how much money you are making. And you are going to do it better than most people around you because you are thinking about it all the time. You are going to take it home at night. You see it as a challenging puzzle. That is how I see my work. I do not think about it just nine to five. It is running through my mind all the time. So, if my competitor is only thinking about it nine to five, I am outworking them and out thinking them because I am doing it all the time. And when you live what you are doing that means it probably comes naturally to you, and it comes more naturally to you than others. You will not be forcing your body or your mind to do something that is unnatural. When you are born to do a task, you are going to do it better than other people." Matthew Lesko. I’m that way with internet marketing. I don’t stop thinking about it. Even my wife knows that much of the time she’s speaking to me, my mind is off in SEO Land. I wonder if others of you are that way too?

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