06 Feb 2006

AOL and Yahoo to charge for Email

FoxNews via the associated press reports that AOL and Yahoo are going to charge to send email within few months!

The fees, which would range from 1/4 cent to 1 cent per e-mail, are the latest attempts by the companies to weed out unsolicited ads, commonly called spam, and identity-theft scams.


AOL and Yahoo said the program, which is being offered through a company called Goodmail Systems, will target banks, online retailers and other groups that send large amounts of e-mail.

the closing paragraph says:

Companies that don’t want to pay a fee will be able to send e-mail to Yahoo and AOL members exactly as they have in the past, Graham and Mahon said.

but I’m not sure exactly what that means….As a Yahoo email user will I have to pay to send an email to a hotmail user?

I’m also a little confused about this:

The American Red Cross, the New York Times Co. and credit report company Experian have signed up with Goodmail to use the service, Graham said.

Does that mean you’re now charging The American Red Cross to send out Yahoo email (without threat of you tossing them in the "bulk/junk" folder?)….I must be reading that wrong!?

Read the article I’m referencing about AOL and Yahoo! charging to send email soon.

What effect do you you think charging to send email will have?