28 Dec 2005

Blog Spam part 2 – The Nofollow, friend or enemy?

Blog Spam Part 2
Combating Blog spam with the nofollow tag.

When my blog was set up for me, it came with the nofollow on all links on all usernames and in all comments. Meaning, that for those who make a post, where their name is a link, that link in the eyes of Google it’s invisible because it has the nofollow tag on it.

Not only that, but if you put a link in your post it doesn’t get posted; rather I get an email asking me if I want to approve the post. Most of the time it’s reasonable, sometimes it’s good comments with a few too many links and I edit as I feel at the time, and sometimes it’s a shit post with links in it. But at least I can look at what it is and approve it before I let it get published.

But isn’t the nofollow is unfair.

Why am I having to even put a "nofollow" on my links? Now I know it’s not Google’s fault that I have the code placed everywhere on links out from my blog….but I’m betting that adding the nofollow to everything outgoing is common amoung bloggers.

But…Why shouldn’t my votes be as good as any websites? Just because someone can add thier thoughts, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t count in the eyes of google. What if Graywolf or Sebastian or Rand come in and say something totally relevant and of quality, and within that context there’s a link to a great resource.  This brings me 5 questions I’d like to ask you bloggers:

  1. Isn’t my vote just as good as anywebsite? Why even have the nofollow?
  2. Am I being "duped" into thinking all comments are "real"?
  3. What percentage comments on respected blogs are "real"?
  4. Is the solution to keep the nofollow on everything and then manually go in and remove the nofollow from links you think should count?
  5. or is the solution to remove the nofollow from everywhere, and add the nofollow to links you think shouldn’t count at votes for Google?
  6. If you remove the nofollow will you get even more link spam?
  7. Is it that bloggers are afraid of Google, or the blog spammers?
  8. Is the nofollow our friend or our enemy?

Can you answer me these questions?