06 Dec 2006

Get 10,500 Links – Only $24.95/month!

I was in my office today when I heard my sales manager (and Ninja) today on the phone (his office is next to mine, and he’s got a lould voice) at one point he raises his voice even more in exhaustion, saying something to the effect of:

"It’s not the number of links that matter, it’s all about the quality and neighborhood that effects your search engine rankings…if you’re looking for hundreds of links each month, I’ll send you over some links to sites where you can buy hundreds of crappy links on links pages….problem is, most of these will have no value at all when it comes to increasing your search engine rankings…"

So I’m in my office thinking "Good Job Chuck – You tell him!"…and I’m thinking also about the strongest subpage tool we’re using now as well, and how the links we’ve been getting now with this tool are from pages with lots of backlinks to the exact pages were our links are. (sorry the public tool has often exceeded use…it’s getting hammered this week).

Though I don’t spend much time actually writing emails requesting ads anymore (I’ve got 16 Ninjas who do that for us every day), I did send another few requests out on Sunday, and one one site I bought ads on 2 of his pages.

The first page was relevant to one of our clients, and that page had 69 links to that exact page, of those 4 were from .edu’s.

The second page I got from this site was relevant to another client and had over 3000 backlinks to that page, and of those 185 were .edu’s linking to that exact page.

My links were placed in the body copy, inside of the text, in the middle of sentences. They will also generate click through traffic.

I’d say that this one link would be worth more than 10,000 links from some crappy link package deal done by a company that specializes in selling "bulk" links.

If someone is so concerned with volume of links, go to google and search for things like "bulk links" or "link trade" or "link trading"…look at the paid ads over on the right side and find those promising hundreds or thousands of instant links, yea, here’s one – only $24.95 per month:

Instant Links from 10,500 Websites
Improve your search engine ranking

….maybe I should change the "Improve your search engine ranking" to "Flag your site as someone trying to artifically inflate your links…and get tons of spam to boot"

Like I’ve been saying recently – get links from pages that have backlinks to them. This guy’s 10,500 links I’m sure all come from pages that have no trust value (no outside backlinks to them), these pages I’m sure are clear links pages that don’t pass any real value. I’m also sure that the co-citation you’re putting yourself in will put your site in a neighborhood you don’t want to be in and will flag you as being an untrusted website. 

Think like a google engineer would – those PHD’s are pretty damn smart and simple link tricks are only a joke on you if think they have any value. Pressing buttons and getting 1000’s of links at once where any have any value is not going to happen. It’s not a numbers game, it really is a quality game.