05 Apr 2006

Dumb Blogging Mistakes and Bad Betas.

Bad Blogger.

Yesterday and today were the worst 2 days blogging that I’ve had so far…I guess days like this are bound to happen.

Last week I had this great idea for a new tool so I spoke with a few programmers about building this "great backlink" tool….I had the idea…but I wasn’t sure if it would be possible to do what I needed it to do. The programmer I choose thought it was possible, and he did some great work…and within 5 minutes of him saying "here’s the first draft of the tool" – I was posting it to my blog….that was a mistake.

In one sense, I could say I’m like Google (as opposed to Microsoft) in that I’m happy to release things just to be first…bugs and all….but sometimes releasing tools without testing them much first just makes you look bad….so now I’m wishing I hadn’t released my new tool until I had tested it out more first…even if I call it "beta" there can only be 1 original tool release…so instead of setting the SEO world on fire, It just kinda fell on its’ face…maybe it was an engine stopping my tool (and I flatter myself to think they care eneough to stop one of my tools)…but it was probably an error on our part….and my fault for saying "be my guinea pigs – I think it’ll work" – my bad!

Then I went in and deleted the posts saying "Hey Jim, your tool is filled with errors" after I thought I had fixed the errors….that’s not right either….I’m not a fan of deleting posts…I don’t think that’s right (when it is right to delete comments?). The whole experience with that just didn’t feel right….I’ll learn from that experience.

Tonight I also had some comments about people being able to log into my control panel on this blog…at first I freaked out and killed those comments (so any mean people wouldn’t see "hey, you can edit Jims blog if you sign up")….then I signed up as a new member, and clicked on the link in my welcome email and Yea – it totally brought me into (what I thought was) the main controls of my blog….upon further inspection I found what happened….

….I’d been hit with some crappy comment spam last week, so to combat it I decided to make people sign up first to make any comments…while doing that I also changed one setting in wordpress under "Newly registered members:" from what was checked "Cannot write articles" to instead to "May submit drafts for review"…and once that setting is checked, and someone signs in, the control panel kinda looks likes they’ve got free reign in my control panel….but they really didn’t…they could write and submit articles in my control panel for review….but only the mod could approve them (me)….their login control panel showed my posts and comments…but they couldn’t be changed or edited….but at first glance it looks like they had the keys…but they didn’t….

So I fixed that mistake, and changed everyone levels to regular ole users (but if you want to submit an article to me, feel free….the best article I’ve had on my blog was written by guest writer Nick Wilsdon).

So I guess it’s just one of those days with my blog….oh well….

What did I learn….I don’t like deleting comments…and don’t want to in the future unless I feel I really have to…I learned also to not release new tools to the public until I’ve tested them out a lot more (I’ll let you know when/if the "Real Backlinks" tool is ready for the next beta release)…and I learned "don’t change wordpress settings unless you know what they do" (hey wordpress….here’s an idea put a link or something next to settings that say "if you check this box, here’s what will happen" for guys like me who say "wonder what will happen if I check this box 😉 "

So tomorrows a new day…and Hey, I’ve got another new tool coming soon….this one I’ll test out first before I tell you how cool it is and before I start asking for guinea pigs 😉

So I don’t feel alone here, have you ever done dumb blogging (or software release) mistakes too (so I/we can learn from them)….(or at least laugh a little)?