23 Dec 2005

I’d pay Yahoo for this.

Yahoo’s been my homepage for 6 years now, and they’ve been my email provider for that long as well.

I’ve been having serious issues with Yahoo email, (I’m sick of typing in the random charactor string everytime I send an email), I’ve tried the Yahoo beta email, but I don’t like waiting 45 seconds for it to load up, so I went back to the old version….I know I should just switch, but I hate change as well…

but in any case, I’d pay Yahoo if they’d kill that huge top banner on my yahoo homepage….less scrolling for me.

I’d also pay them if when I clicked on "Check Email" they’d bring me right to the inbox…why do I have to go to this middle screen where I’ve then got to click on "inbox"?


I know, I should quit bitching about yahoo email and just switch to gmail…I know, I know….

Who’s your homepage, and would you pay them to kill all the banner crap from it so you had a clean advertising free page?