26 Dec 2005

Kuala and Baileys Pancakes.

Warning total Cat Post (actually dog post). (nothing to do with SEO)

So I picked up a bottle of Baileys and Kuala this holiday season. THis morning my wife decided to make pancakes on her new grittle, so me trying not to get fatter than I’m becoming this holiday season, decided to find an alternative to maple syrup to splash on my pancakes…and my eyes wandered over the the bottles of booze.

My first pancake I tried Kuala…..not bad….The second pancake I tried Baileys….not bad…but the Kuala was a bit better….and the third pancake I put both on…not bad too…maybe I’m on to something here?

I gave my 13 month old son a bite of the Baileys pancake and it didn’t phase him…though my wife wasn’t happy with me for giving him a bite of that….and my dog definately prefered the Baileys over the Kuala.

What’s your favorite thing to put on/in your pancakes?