22 May 2006

My battle with Comment Spam, and my latest solution.

People trying to comment spam on my blog.

…..Can’t you comment spammers work harder to identify blogs that aren’t being used to spam on instead of active blogs? Ya know, I actually read every comment that is posted (or tries to get posted).

If someone really wants a link, I’ve made it pretty easy to give you a link…I mean I’ve got the old "introduce yourself" page (link at the top of every page)….I’ve had plenty of other opportunities like the "how do I help my teething baby" or "SEO recipes" where any human can easily post something of some intelligence and get their link to boot….

It’s the ones I get with the name of "Online Gambling" with a comment of "Gambling Online widgets for green phrase random for the Great Site bla" crap one that I get that really annoy me.

A few weeks ago I was getting hammered with spam so I made people register in order to comment….and it was no surprise that my comments went down. I then got another round of major spam since someone was able to bypass the registering and was trying to post over 300 comments each day…..none went through because they also included a link in their comment, and any comment that has a link in it has to be approved by me before it goes live….also I’ve got a filter with all the special words that if a comment includes any of those words, it has to be approved by me first (gambling, debt, insurance, sex, etc)….so nothing went through….but it was a bitch to delete these every day (and how were they getting through when they weren’t registered??)

My solution: I removed the ability to post comments or trackbacks on post that are over 2 weeks old….that was where 98% of the comment spam was going….so I figure that 95% of comments or trackbacks will happen within the first 2 weeks of a post, so that should remove 98% of the comment spam. I then removed the option for people to have to be "signed in" to post to make it easier to post, but after 2 or 3 weeks I stop the ability to comment on a post.

That’s what I did….good idea? How would you have done it?