10 Nov 2006

New SEO Tool – Top Ten Analysis SEO Tool – Free

I’ve been a busy bee here the past few weeks designing and rewriting webuildpages.com, updating the SEO Tools, and training new Link Ninjas.  We’re planning the new release of webuildpages.com next Friday.

But I thought that today I’d release some new improvements to the ole Cool SEO Tool. It’s also be renamed The Top Ten Analysis SEO Tool.

It’s an easy tool to use. Simply enter in a url and a keyword phrase.

The results will show:
The top 10 sites in google for that phrase, compared to your site.
It will also show how those top 10 sites rank in Yahoo and MSN.
It will show the number of pages those sites have indexed in Yahoo
It will show the backlinks to the page that ranks in the top 10 (Yahoo)
It will show the total backlinks to that domain (Yahoo)
It will show how many .edu’s are linking to each domain
It will show the Alexa ranking (rounded numbers)
It includes a link to Google’s Related Pages for that site (why sites with less backlinks rank higher)
Shows Google’s Allinanchor Rank
Shows the Age of the URL from the whois
Shows the Age from the wayback machine
Show how often the exact keyword phrase is found on the page

And shows all this in a nice table.

Since we’re now using API’s, this tool will only work for about 1000 searches per day…so if it gets maxed any day, try again the next day.

Enjoy The Top 10 Analysis SEO Tool!

…No Baby yet (Due the 16th).