03 Oct 2006

Just what is “relevant” when getting links?

Chris Boggs has a nice post on Search Engine Roundtable, where he spots a thread on Cre8asite forums about "the seven degrees of separations" when linking topically.

Tomc asks:

When performing a link building campaign, how effective is it to gain links from entirely non-relevant sites but which share some words from your keyphrase?

I’ll use an example – if I’m trying to get links for a site about Football Boots and the keyphrase I wish to target is ‘Football Boots’ then how useful is it to gain links from sites which are about ‘Hiking Boots’?

Will this help? Both mention the word ‘Boots’ but are not really relevant to each other…

Here’s the discussion on cre8ateasite.

So what do you think…..

1. If there was a page on the sports site about soccer shoes, and I linked that page to page about "hiking shoes" on a outdoor clothing site is that ok?

2. If I were seeking links to a clothing site, and I found a sports site, and I got a link on the sports sites linking to a "sports bra" page on the clothing site, would you think that was ok?

3. If there was a page on a sports site about the Miami Dolphins, would you link that page to a Miami Real Estate site?

— FYI, I might be guilty of saying "yes" to all 3.

Where do YOU draw the line?