21 Jun 2006

SEO Content Creation Services – a CEO Post.

I’ve been blogging for 10 months now, and have yet to do a CEO Post (A "Sales" Post). I’ve been happy not having to "push" my services onto other people, but to rather just "give" information "freely" (and as a side result, it’s brought be more qualified leads than even webuildpages.com brings in – really a Very pleasant suprise!).

But We Build Pages has 2 new services that we’re about to be coming out with, so I thought I’d do my first CEO Post and show you one of these new service. I’ve got a page with a rough draft of writing I’d like to show you (maybe with your imput I can write a good sales page that answers questions people might have) (can you help me out by at least adding a "sales" suggestion for me?)

We Build Pages will "officially" be offering "SEO Content Creation Services" in the coming days. (So as a blog reader you’ve got the chance to get in before it gets crazy busy, ensuring you the best service 😉 )

So I’ve got a first "rough draft" of the writing – perhaps you’ve got ideas or questions.

You’ll also get a peek at the new design (still under construction) of the new webuildpages.com (coming in a few weeks).

Here’s the SEO Content Creation Service we’re about to be "officially" offering. We’ll also be advertising on many other SEO sites, piping up this service so the world knows that We Build Pages is not only the link guys, but also has the best content writing services on the web, at the best prices.

Stay tuned for the Threadwatch ad where I’ll also be giving away some content writing packages so we’ve got some public reviews.

Hey, our name "We Build Pages" now makes sense again!


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