15 Nov 2006

SEO Content Creation: WBP Website Content Writers. A CEO Post.

CEO Post:
We’re still working on the new webuildpages.com this week, but I thought I’d share some information about our new SEO content creation services.

Everyone should know that the secret to ranking high in the search engines comes though a combination of Links and Content, thus it only makes sense to work at both.

I’ve been greedy in that since last summer I’ve had our writers write over 17,000 pages of content for our own sites and for our clients, but I’ve yet to fully release the service publicly – until now.

I think one of the biggest advantage over our content creation competitors is that we’ve worked with over 200 writers so far, and that we’ve narrowed this list down to about 50 of the best content writers now. We’ve also had our writers list the topics they know about and enjoy writing about for us, listed in order of their preferences. We then hand out our orders to those we feel will do the best job for us/you based on this information.

I hope that our new page about our SEO Content Creation Services will answer most questions that people might have. 

I really want people to think of We Build Pages as not only the Links Guys, but also the Content Writers Guys.

Special: From now until Jan 1st, 2007 I’ll offer 20% off for those who mention that they saw this service listed on JimBoykin.com!