18 May 2006

SEO Questions I hate answering.

Questions I hate getting:

Today I got an email with this question:

“for the investment, what kind of return can we expect?”

my answer: “I have no idea”

Here’s some other questions I hate getting:

What Pagerank should I expect?

A common answer: I don’t know….it doesn’t matter anyways. What’s the PR of the top 10 sites for the phrases you’re targeting? I’d hope you’d be somewhere in that range.

How many links each month will you get for me?

A common answer: As many as we can get for the time you’re paying us for. This is done by hand, there is no button pushing. It’s not a numbers game anyways, it’s a qualty game. If you’re focused on numbers, we’re not the company for you.

Can I spend a smaller amount now, and when I start making a lot of money I’ll raise my budget?

A common answer “If you start low you might never get anywhere….and then you’ll never have the money to pay us more”.

How about instead of paying you, I give you a percentage of my business?

A common answer: I have to pay employees and I have a wife and child to feed.  Credit is not an option.  If you make millions you won’t have to share any percentage with me, just keep paying my monthly bill.

How long will it take to be in the top 10?

I don’t know. Have you looked at this tool yet?  How old is your site compared to the top 10 sites? How many backlinks do you have compared to them? How is their quality of backlinks compared to yours? What the history of people linking to you (what words have people been using to link to your site?) How good of a resource is your site? Can you site attract natural backlinks or are you 100% relying on your SEO for backlinks? How much unique content do you have? Do we have to pay everyone to link to you, or do you have a “natural” reason why people might link to you? Keep looking at that tool with the phrases you’re targeting, and keep asking yourself these questions. An SEO is only part of your solution – how much are you helping?

How would you respond to these questions? What questions do you hate getting?
PS…I’m a bit tired and maybe a bit cranky….so maybe my responses at this moment are a bit more “bitter” than they normally are. I’m usually a bit “nicer” with how I respond.