21 Aug 2006

Todd and Lee’s Greatest Hits

My buddy (and former employee) Todd Malicoat (best known as Stuntdubl) released a great page listing his best/favorite blogs posts that’s well worth a read. Todd also release another great post today that I’d add to his best called Twelve Different Types of Links and How To Get Them.

Lee Odden over at the Online Marketing Blog also decided to do a "best of" post where he only list his 10 most popular posts that’s certainly worth a read if you happened to miss any of these in the past.

FYI, I did my own "best of" back in May.

Tomorrow I’ve got Andy Beal coming for a visit and for consulting me on We Build Pages, and on Thursday Todd’s stopping by to help train my link team….it’s a great time to tap great minds like these while they’re still free agents.