06 Sep 2006

Web Based Email Solutions – Seeking Help.

I’ve been using yahoo’s email since 1999, but it’s time for a change.

Today also one of my employees got their yahoo account turned off. The worst that person was doing was emailing up to 40 people per day asking people if they’ll sell us advertising space (all this is done by hand….really nothing spammy about it).

I’ve looked into Gmail a few times, but I don’t like that they don’t have folders….I’ve enjoyed using the fast yahoo email service (not the yahoo beta email that’s slower than…crap). With the Classic yahoo email, I can go into the inbox, and move items to folders in 2 clicks and then I’m on to the next message….compared to gmail that takes 4 clicks and sends me back to the inbox after 4 clicks.

I spend hours each day in my mail, so clicks and waiting for pages to load costs me time.

I want web based email so that I can see all my email from home or work or the road.

What email service do you use? Why? Any recommendations for us?