13 Sep 2005

When Getting Links is not the solution.

With almost all prospective clients I speak with I end up telling them "You Need More Links" …. I can show them all sorts of fancy reports, and fancy tools, and we can do all sorts of fancy analysis….but the results are almost always "You Need More and Better Backlinks if you want to rank higher." Today I had a call with someone who owns some nice sites….one even had over 1/2 million backlinks already showing in Yahoo’s Linkdomain….freakin 1/2 million all natural backlinks….an SEO’s wet dream! Now get this….this guy is paying for Google Adwords for traffic because he has no rankings! His whole "problem"/"solution" was only that he needed "Optimized Content" with an "optimized internal link structure". That alone would put his traffic through the roof compared to what it is today. I can’t believe he’s paying for traffic when he could have 1000 times the traffic for free if he only knew how to use his site better. It was however a breath of fresh air to be able to say, "It’s not backlinks you need to focus on now – it’s "on-page SEO you need TODAY".