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19 Jan 2012

Ann Smarty Joins Internet Marketing Ninjas as an Independent Guest Blogger!

In October of this past year I had the luck to be able to visit Kharkov, Ukraine to speak at Optimization 2011. While there I was lucky enough to be able to hang out with one of my very favorite SEO’s in the world, Ann Smarty. Now I’ve met a lot of Internet Marketers in my day, but there are few internet marketing experts that are as knowledgeable, personable, professional,… [Read More…]

19 Dec 2011

Internet Marketing Ninjas Reviews from the Employees

  This month our company Internet Marketing Ninjas won the “Best Places to Work” Award by the Business Review. As part of the review process, Quantum Workplace did a survey seeking feedback from our employees. After we won this award I was able to see the comments, but not exactly who said what…so the below comments are not attributed to specific individuals, but this is what our employees had to… [Read More…]

12 Apr 2011

We Build Pages name change to Internet Marketing Ninjas….Soon!

We Build Pages will be changing its name to Internet Marketing Ninjas….in a few months…. Wow…it was a little over 12 years ago I went online for the very first time. Two weeks after getting online I bought the domain name A week after that I and designed my first site ( and I gave the site the slogan of “Designing and Marketing Websites”. When I bought the name,… [Read More…]

12 Nov 2008

PubCon Keynote Address with George Wright of BlendTec

Good morning, folks! It’s 9am and I’ve already had two cups of coffee and posted a guestblogging entry over at Search Engine People. What have you done today? 😉 BlendTec’s George Wright is going to deliver this morning’s keynote to get us all up, going and excited. Let’s get right to it! Brett’s up first giving the introduction and says attendees crashed the Internet yesterday with all their Twittering. Heh. … [Read More…]

30 Oct 2008

Light Behind The Changes At We Build Pages

Bear with me for a moment, okay? I have to go backwards to go forward. I swear I have a point. While the rest of the SEO community was buzzing about SES San Jose and the crazy trapeze people they met at SearchBash, Jim Boykin was quietly planning an industry coup. The man literally went on a hiring spree and began tricking SEO types into trading in their December flip… [Read More…]

27 Oct 2008

Welcome to the We Build Pages Blog!

Hey, hey, SEO blogosphere! Look who’s back in a brand new ninja-filled home. Did you miss me? If not, let me do my ninja dance! Sorry. I couldn’t resist. A couple of weeks ago some friends of mine let you in on one of the worst kept secrets in SEO: I joined We Build Pages! And since then there has been one question on everyone’s mind: Is there going to… [Read More…]