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09 Dec 2015

3 Easy Things You Can Tune & Test That Can Help You Rank Better

SEO can be overwhelming: You never know where to start. Let’s take a breath and do something quick: These small <title> tweaks can help you rank better Most of the time, websites create their meta <title> templates and forget about them. Meta data is an easy thing to change and an easy thing to test if its working. A small tweak here can help your rankings for primary and secondary… [Read More…]

04 Nov 2015

How to Rank Higher in Google

With Google Updates and SERPs changes, it’s getting harder and harder to achieve organic visibility. More and more huge brands take over short-tail competitive SERPs? What can sites with smaller budgets do? You need to become a brand Invest in creating a huge resource. Build something awesome at least monthly! Our digital assets team is brainstorming weekly so our clients get featured in publications like New York Times and Washington… [Read More…]

29 Oct 2015

How to Force Google to Crawl More Pages of My Site? #JimAndAnn Show

It’s a very frequent question: How do I get Google crawl more of my site pages? The basic answer is: There’s nothing extra you need to be doing except for creating useful content and building a clear website architecture which would be easy to understand to both search engines and users. How does Google discover websites and URLs? Google crawls the web by following the links. The crawl from page… [Read More…]

22 Oct 2015

Actionable Content Tips for Product Pages #JimAndAnn

Content pages are important search engine traffic landing ages because that’s where a user can convert immediately. Unfortunately product page content is often thin, duplicate or database-generated (not unique). Product Page Content Tips Here are some tips on making your product page content better to both rank high in Google and convert well: Include more product photos (Encourage your buyers to send you the product pages for a discount) Include… [Read More…]

28 Sep 2015

Authorship and Author Rank: HUGE Signal Most People are Missing

Ever since Google has closed its Google Plus authorship program, you might have had “Authorship is dead” sentiment all over the place. The truth is, that was an absolutely different type of authorship than what we are going to talk today. Google Plus authorship has never been a ranking signal while mapping authors and figuring authorship and influence signals has been on Google’s agenda for ages. What is Authorship and… [Read More…]

17 Sep 2015

How to Optimize Title Tags for Higher Rankings and Better Click-Through #JimAndAnn

Title tag is the most important element of your web page: It helps you rank higher, it can improve your click through, it can catch an eye and get people share your page on social media. Title Tag Optimization Tips Google will only display ~70 characters (512 pixels) within search results. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it longer The best practice is to include your main keyword… [Read More…]

06 Aug 2015

Guaranteed Rankings + PR7 Links: From Weird Leads Series @ Jim and Ann Show

We continue featuring some of IMN leads we’d like to publicly respond to in order to educate our community a bit. Please watch our previous video in the “weird leads series”: “Acquire 300-400 Good-Quality Links” Here’s another one: The Lead: Hi, I am looking for a company that specializes in achieving Top Website rankings with guarantees. I am looking for a definitive strategy to achieve a PR7 (or better) and… [Read More…]

29 Jul 2015

How To Get Google Search Console Data When It’s Not Showing Or Disappears

You can think of Google Search Console kind of an equivilent of a Google Analytics view. On the positive end of that, you can’t really lose data in the same way like what can happen in analytics. On the negative end all your data can temporarily disappear and because of Googles UI, you’re left scratching your head as to where it went and what to do. Not only that but… [Read More…]

22 Jul 2015

Troubleshooting Google Search Console International Targeting “No Return Tags” Error

While I was browsing around on how to troubleshoot relating to the thousands of “no return tag” errors on a site, I saw that there was not much in the way of resources on this topic, so I thought that it would be good to create one. As you browse Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools), you’ll see an option under international targetting, in the Search Traffic Drop down… [Read More…]

14 Jul 2015

(HOW) Can We Speed Up the Disavow Process? Jim & Ann Show

There was a talk recently on whether it is possible to speed up the Disavow processing time. Google representative John Muller said that it is recommended to use Domain Directive as much as possible, so instead of using URLs, you should be disavowing the whole domain when it’s possible. While that recommendation may be useful to some extent (Don’t disavow useful / trusted domains though!) it’s not exactly speeding up… [Read More…]

09 Jul 2015

Bounce Rate, Long Click, Pogo-Sticking, Dwell Time, Click-Through: Jim & Ann Show

Is Google in any way using its click-through data? Is high bounce rate always bad? What is a long click? All of that is discussed in today’s Jim & Ann show! The signals… the bad, the good, the neutral… A bounce can be good and bad (and it’s not about how long / short it is!) If someone clicks on a search results and then quickly returns to Google, that’s… [Read More…]

01 Apr 2015

Introducing Rel=Fact

On the heels of a study testing a fact based approach to rankings known as Knowledge-Based Trust (KBT) Google is releasing additional news on this front. Even though the KBT concept is still in relative infancy, to give the idea a bit of a growth spurt, Google has unveiled a new attribute intended to help webmasters distinguish their fact based content for the Knowledge Vault. The new tag rel=fact, has… [Read More…]

05 Feb 2015

HOW TO: Correctly Test to See if Starting SEO is a Worthwhile Investment for Your Business?

The incremental approach to SEO, the approach of making small investment in SEO for proof of concept and scaling on it –  is very tempting: it seems low cost and low risk. Also, for companies that are heavily focused on paid advertising, it is common to have a small test budget to run small cheap tests with, so it would seem that on face value that the same logic would… [Read More…]