14 Jan 2015

The Race to Search Engine Supremacy: A History of How and What We Search Online (Infographic)

Since the dawn of the World Wide Web, the Internet has become a truly gargantuan place. Despite its size, the nearly infinite amount of information and content available there can be located and accessed in seconds. How is such an impressive task made possible? Search Engines.

The ability to efficiently search the Web became a necessity shortly after its inception, and companies from around the world rushed to meet that need. Many search engines have come and gone over the years, but the ones that have stood the test of time are those that have done it best. The “Big 5”, which is made up of Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and Ask, are among the most resilient of search engines that are still around today. While some enjoy larger percentages of search volume than others, they have all secured their place in the industry and proven they will not go down without a fight.

This infographic, developed by our Digital Asset Team, delves into the past and present of the modern search engine. Explore the history of search engines: discover the engines that never made it and those that are still going strong to this day, analyze the percentage of searches the “Big 5” make away with each year, and finally, visualize the search terms that have trended their way to the top this decade.

In this day and age, search engines – our “gateways to the web” – are often taken for granted, but to imagine an Internet without them is simply inconceivable.


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The above infographic was proudly researched and developed by the talented Digital Asset Team at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Our team offers an impressive selection of digital assets including infographics, quizzes, applications and widgets that are developed with your goals as a company in mind and are geared toward your ideal potential customers. We offer a month of dedicated promotion for our digital assets where our team works to achieve virality, link acquisition, increased traffic and brand recognition.