26 Dec 2012

6 Sites to Find Website Alternatives

Isn’t it great when you find a new website you love? You end up spending way too much time on there, enjoying the new content and seeing all there is to see. But eventually, you run out of previously posted items and find yourself wanting another site to enjoy. Preferably in a similar genre or with the same basic idea.

You might think it is hard to find something that will really catch your eye. After all, Google is pretty general in their results, and with so many you might end up missing out on a site that doesn’t have the rankings it deserves. How fortunate that there are tools out there that will make it simple to find website alternatives or similar pages to the ones you already love.

Use the following tools:

  • For content inspiration: Found a good tool for a round-up? Find more similar ones, nobody knows about!
  • Out of curiosity: What can machine associate your website with?
  • For market research and brainstorming;
  • You name it!

1. Google Related:

Google Related
Google Related: search operator works based on co-citation, so it’s a great tool to see how good your link neighbors are as well as who of your competitors end up listed together:

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Websites Like
A small little search engine, this one works by allowing you to either put in the website or a keyword related to it. Then it searches out anything that has been listed as similar to that one. The results are usually very accurate, and you can find even more sites by searching for the ones they provide that you end up liking. It is a never ending line of awesome. How could you not be thrilled with that?

3. [block]2[/block]

I love this aggregator. You just put their tool in your bookmark toolbar and it does the rest. Whenever you are on a site (or sites) you enjoy, hit the button. It will generate a random list of similar sites for you to check out. When you like one of their suggestions, rate it positively. When you don’t like it, rate it negatively. This will stop them from giving you repeats, while narrowing down what you might enjoy in the future. You can either sign up for an actual account that stores your info, or just install the button to use without an account.

4. [block]3[/block]

Use either the search engine or their browser extension to discover new sites. Just type in the web pages you normally enjoy, or search based on what you are on at the moment. It will generate a list of other sites that users have previously said are similar, or that use the same kind of keywords in their SEO. I would say this one is a little less accurate than some of the others. But it also brings up more obscure results, which makes up for that.

5. [block]4[/block]

This is the simplest of the search engines for site discovery. You don’t have any features other than the search that is based on actual site URL’s. So if you wanted an auction site you could put in ebay.com. But you can’t search accurately based on keywords. On the plus side, it provides very accurate results that are truly similar to what you are looking for.

6. [block]5[/block]

This one used to be really good. But right now they are in a process of an update, which has turned into a complete overhaul of their services. I thought I would include it, because it is exciting and I look forward to seeing what they end up doing with it. There are no new sign ups available right now, but I would suggest checking back for when they finally finish the upgrade. Unfortunately, their blog kind of died back in May. So it isn’t clear when they will be returning, or if this project was given up.

Do you know of any good search engines or tools for finding alternative websites? Let us know in the comments!