08 Apr 2013

Cool Mind Mapping Tools for Keyword Research and Content Marketing

Mind MappingVery often you don’t need to do any additional research to find the bright content idea or discover a great keyword: All you need is a different way to organize things! Today’s tools are doing just that: They help you organize your thoughts the way you can see things differently!

Whether you are putting together a presentation for an important meeting or setting out to write the next great novel to rock the literary world, organization is key. Not only in the formatting and data, but in the initial stages of gathering what you need. The mind is often the hardest thing to keep on track, and a little extra help can be necessary.

Everyone learned how to make a brainstorming map back in school. But in the digital age the old pen and paper just seems so obsolete. Kick the old standard into modernity with these cool mind mapping and brainstorming tools.


Made for the iPad, this interesting app works by allowing you to create intricate maps with single-tap sibling and child topics and the ability to drag and drop. Some people seem to be turned off by the idea that you have to register for an online account. But if you prefer a more social method of brainstorming, and would like others opinions or to get a look at another person’s process, this is a great app.


For Android Tablet users, you can check out this great option from Google Play. It allows you to draw your mind map by dragging your finger across the screen, rather than using the traditional digital keyboard method more commonly seen. Export your map as PDF, change the colors, zoom in and out by using two fingers and more. They have a free and a paid version.


Remember that En Vouge song, Free Your Mind? This app allows you to do that on your PC. You need Java Runtime in order to use it, but most of us have that already. It is available for Mac, Windows and Linux, as well. This is perfect if you want the program on your desktop to run when offline.


For Apple users who want something for the iPhone or iPod Touch (though it does run on the iPad), there is SimpleMind. Simply create a center and begin building your clusters, branching out further and further until you have fleshed out your idea. Some people have reported issues with it freezing when you try to send to email or export a file. Usually a reinstall fixes this bug.


This is my favorite online mind mapping tool. It has a quick start, with just a single push of a button. Type in the cluster names and begin building. You can print, export and import, and create an account if you want to save it online. Make as many maps as you like, they are always free. Plus, everything turns into colorful bubbles.

Do you know of any good mind mapping programs or apps not on this list? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credit: idea.